Our local pet grooming center is open Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

Give your pet the spa treatment that they deserve.

To start the spa treatment we carefully clean your pet’s eyes and ears, clip their nails and brush out their coat. then it’s time for the warm water hydro bath. using all natural shampoos, we scrub and massage, ensuring that every part of your pet has two full minutes of gentle, deep soapy saturation. the warm soothing rinse is repeated to make sure that the skin is soap free and ready to dry. we hand dry every pet and we never use cages! we start with a good towel dry and then finish with a full brush out.
Warm hydro bath in one of our natural shampoo, expression of the glands, fluff drying with open air high velocity warm dryer that massages your pets skin, ears plucked & cleaned with an herbal tea tree oil, & nail clipping!


$60.00/Small Size Pet ( 2 – 15 Lbs.)

$65.00/Medium Size Pet ( 16 – 30 Lbs.)

$75.00/Large Size Pet ( 31 – 60 Lbs.)

$85.00 & Up/XL Size Pet ( 61 Lbs. & Up)


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$80.00/Small Pet Size ( 2 – 15 Lbs.)

$90.00/Medium Size Pet ( 16 – 30 Lbs.)

$100.00/Large Size Pet ( 31 – 60 Lbs.)

$120.00 & Up/XL Size Pet ( 61 Lbs. & Up)


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*All shepherds and doodles 6 months of age and older start at $100

Our Deluxe Spaw Treatment includes a full body haircut to suit your pets standard breed, personality or lifestyle. we also apply a leave-on conditioner & a squirt of fresh breath foam with a dash of mint teeth cleanse.

Prices are based upon pets that are groomed on a REGULAR basis(1-6 weeks). It also depends on the size of the pet, breed, condition of the coat, density, and temperament. Pets that have not been groomed within 6 weeks may be assessed and charged an additional fee.


  • To ensure the safety of our clients and your pet, we insist that all pet‘s be up to date on their current vaccinations.
  • Price quotes over the phone may not be accurate. The price received on the phone may be different once we see your pet in person.
  • We need to see the actual size and condition of your pet’s coat to determine an accurate price.
  • Any pet that comes to our spa with fleas and/or ticks will be given a flea/tick treatment and will also be charged an additional $5.
  • Exclusive Pet Grooming reserves the right to refuse the de-matting of extremely matted pet’s. It can be painful, stressful and dangerous. We want our grooming experience to be a pleasant one and in these situations we will recommend the shaving of your pet. There is an additional fee that will be added at the end of a grooming session for pet’s that are able to be de-matted successfully.
  • Grooming sessions typically take a minimum of 2 hours. The pampering of your pet, the bath, drying and hair cut are really important to us when we have your pet in our care. Please plan your day accordingly.
  • At Exclusive Pet Grooming, we understand that every dog has a bad day once and a while, but extremely aggressive behaviors are dangerous and stressful for everyone. Exclusive Pet Grooming reserves the right to refuse service to overly aggressive pet’s. We value the safety of your pet and our staff.
  • Exclusive Pet Grooming will charge a fee of $30 for any returned checks.