Exclusive Pet Grooming – Exclusive Service Packages

Treat your furry friend to a doggie spa experience like no other—our top-rated mobile pet groomers in Miami come to you, at your convenience.

Exclusive Pet Grooming is a truly special experience—one that your pooch will indulge in from start to finish. Our vans are equipped with state-of-the-art grooming equipment to provide top-quality service your pet deserves.

Here’s the lavish treatment your pets can expect from our professional groomers:

Essential Bath

  • First of all—we don’t cage your pets. We treat them with the respect they deserve.
  • We start the exclusive spa treatment by carefully cleaning your pet’s eyes and gently plucking their ears, and soothing each ear with fragrant herbal eucalyptus oil.
  • Afterwards, we gently clip their nails for comfort, which also reinforces healthy posture and foot structure.
  • We brush out their coat, checking for any abnormalities or any points of concern in the process.
  • Then it’s off to the soothing bath: Using all-natural shampoos, we scrub and massage your doggie—every inch of your pet gets 2 full minutes of gentle, deep soapy saturation and tail-wagging delight.
  • We carry out expression of the glands and continue inspecting to make sure your pet has no visual signs of concern.
  • The soothing bath experience is repeated once again, to make sure their coat and skin is soap free, ready to dry and fluff.
  • We continue with a good towel dry by hand, and then finish with a full massaging brush out of the coat.
  • Then, we finally finish off with a fluff-dry using an open air high-velocity dryer that massages your pet’s skin one last time.

The Essential Bath Treatment

  • $70.00/Small Size Pet ( 2 – 15 Lbs.)
  • $75.00/Medium Size Pet ( 16 – 30 Lbs.)
  • $85.00/Large Size Pet ( 31 – 60 Lbs.)
  • $95.00 & Up/XL Size Pet ( 61 Lbs. & Up)

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Everything included in The Essential Bath with an added light trim around the face, paws, and sanitary. This is a great option for pets needing a quick refresh between full grooming sessions! Prices:

  • Small $80
  • Medium $90
  • Large $100
  • XL $110

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Doodles and Double-Coated Breeds

Start at $110. Pricing depends on coat condition, hair type, length, desired cut.

Essential Add-On Menu

  • House Call Visit $40
  • Flea Shampoo $15-25
    Natural shampoo uses a combination of natural oils that kills fleas on contact and repels fleas and ticks for up to 7 days. Safe for puppies and dogs 12 weeks and older. NO artificial colors or fragrances.
  • Dematting $35 per half hour
  • Medicated Shampoo $15-25
    Broad spectrum veterinary strength shampoo that is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-yeast.
  • Nail Clipping/Grinding $15
  • Hydrotherapy $15 for 10 minutes
    Give your pup some extra time with our Bathing Beauty System. Warm water is used to gently massage any achy or stiff joints. Helps over all with increased circulation, and a reduction of swelling.
  • Mud Bath starts at $15.
    Spoil your pet with Madra Mor Muds. Packed with essential minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to help your pet achieve optimal skin and coat health. Available for Muscle & Joint, Deshedding, Exfoliating, and Skin Rejuvenation treatments.

Deluxe Groom

Our Deluxe Spaw Treatment includes all the gratifying decadence included in the Basic Treatment, plus includes the following embellishments for a full spaw experience:

  • A full custom body haircut to suit your pet’s breed, personality and lifestyle.
  • Lathering a gentle leave-on conditioner, that leaves your pet’s coat smooth and soft to the touch.
  • We top everything off with a splash of fresh breath foam, and a dash of refreshing mint for a full canine cleansing experience. It’s spaw-tacular!

The Deluxe Groom Treatment

  • $90.00/Small Pet Size ( 2 – 15 Lbs.)
  • $100.00/Medium Size Pet ( 16 – 30 Lbs.)
  • $110.00/Large Size Pet ( 31 – 60 Lbs.)
  • $130.00 & Up/XL Size Pet ( 61 Lbs. & Up)

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Prices are based upon pets that are groomed on a regular basis (1-6 weeks). Pets that have not been groomed within 6 weeks may be charged an additional fee. Pet size, breed, condition of the coat, density, and temperament are also taken in consideration for proper pricing.